ECE 3400, Fall 2017

Team #11

Team Members: Malavika Attaluri, Shirley Burt, Frank Li, Adam Weld, Boyi Xu

Team Procedures

We build only the most flavorful robots. All else is insignificant.


Team meeting is held every Friday after the class. An alternative choice is 1 hour before the lab hour which is 6:30pm on Wednesday. Additional meetings will be arranged during the end of the semester. The team leader will arrange the time and place for team meetings after discussion with the team members. All the notes, agendas and meeting minutes will be recorded by next round’s team leader (The recorder for the final round would be the team leader from the first lab). All the files will be uploaded to the team Google Drive within two days after the meeting.


The communications between team members are based on Messenger. The response should be made immediately after seeing the message. If the problem could not be solved right away due to personal schedule, he/she should respond with an approximate time for solving the problem. The pictures and the videos will be uploaded to the team Google Drive within two days after the lab. Team decisions will be made by majority vote after discussion as a group (as there are an odd number of members, leader veto is not necessary).

Team Expectations

No poor robots. The website updates will be performed by each of the team members. Individuals will upload their updates and reviewed by other team members.

Team Participation

The tasks should be distributed equally. The team leader is responsible of monitoring work distribution. It is always good to seek help from other team members. All the team members are responsible to meet the deadlines.

Personal Accountability

Each team member should be on the meeting on time and participate at the discussion. Each team member should fulfill team assignments on time (mostly done one day before the lab) and leave time for other team members’ feedbacks. The assignments should not be completed to barely meet the deadlines. If a team member has to miss a meeting, he/she should contact other team members at least 1 day before the meeting. After the meeting, he/she should read the meeting notes from the Google Drive.

Consequence for Failing to Follow Procedures and Fulfill Expectations:

Public humiliation. If problem persists, TA will be contacted and the problem will be discussed.

Breaches of the contract will be discussed in person at team meetings.

Team Leadership

Breaches of the contract will be discussed in person at team meetings.

Aug 28th - Sep 15th (Lab 1, work on lab 2): Malavika Attaluri

Sep 16th - Sep 29th (Lab 2, Milestone 1 and 2): Shirley Burt

Sep 30th - Oct 20th (Lab 3, work on lab 4): Frank Li

Oct 21st - Nov 3rd (Lab 4 and Milestone 3): Adam Weld

Nov 4th - Nov 17th (Milestone 4): Boyi Xu

Nov 18th - Dec 5th (Final competition and deadline for the website): Adam Weld

I participated in formulating the standards, roles, and procedures as stated in this contract. I understand that I am obligated to abide by these terms and conditions. I understand that if I do not abide by these terms and conditions, I will suffer the consequences as stated in this contract.

Frank Li date: 9/1/2017

Boyi Xu date: 9/1/2017

Malavika Attaluri date: 9/1/2017

Shirley Burt date: 9/1/2017

Adam Weld date: 9/1/2017

no bad robots