09.08.2017 (FRI)

3D Printing

Since the current model of the robot provided to us did not meet our expectations (the choices for sensor locations are limited on the pre-drilled board), we would like to try 3d printing for personalized design.

Prelab Meet

Meet next Wednesday, Sep. 13, at 6:30 to check on the prelab to make sure everyone understands the code and the flow of lab2.


Contract will be updated according to the feedback.

09.15.2017 (FRI)


Assign tasks of lab2 to every group member and make sure the workload of each member is similar.


Upload all the codes, pictures, and videos to group’s Google Drive and make sure the documents are enough for all the sections of lab2.

Open Lab Meetup

Scheduled to meet on open lab during 6:30-8:30 on Wednesday, Sep. 19, to work on lab2 and milestone1.

09.22.2017 (FRI)

Milestone 2

Check the progress on milestone2. The wall detection is working fine and the treasure detection for 7 kHz, 12kHz, and 17 kHz is almost done.

3D Printing

The 3D printing is almost done and should be coming to the stage at next lab time. At that time, some alternations are needed for the synchronization of our new robot to the requirements of the course.

09.29.2017 (SUN)


Check the tasks for lab3 and distribute work to team members.

10.06.2017 (FRI)


Check on the progress of lab3. Arrange to attend open lab.

10.13.2017 (FRI)


Check on the progress of lab3. Since this is the midterm week, we did not make significant progress on lab3. We planned to attend next week’s open lab to make up the progress.

10.20.2017 (FRI)


Check the progress of lab4 and continue working on it. Raise up any questions and discuss as a group.

10.27.2017 (FRI)

Milestone 3

Discuss progress on milestone3 and agree to go to open lab on Monday and Tuesday. Maybe go to open lab on Wednesday as well, depending on progress.

11.03.2017 (FRI)

Milestone 3

Discuss milestone3 again and divide remaining work. Simulation is in progress, demo is started. New website also in the works.

11.10.2017 (FRI)


Completed at long last, but could be more efficient. Maybe will come back to the maze algorithm at a later time.


Check in on milestone 4 progress - maybe meet in open lab hours?


Newest version of Shrimpbot is coming along!

11.13.2017 (MON)

Milestone 4

Check progress of milestone. Decide on open-lab times to meet and complete milestone. Time crunch...


Discuss topic for ethics essay. Will talk more about it via messenger as the due date approaches.

12.01.2017 (FRI)


Discuss changes to Shrimpbot, as well as problems with existing milestone and lab code that will need to be fixed for competition. Definitely need to meet for open lab hours - as of yet, decided to head into open lab each day until competition. Specific times will be decided over messenger.

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